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Posted: December 25th, 2022

Essay on PHD in Cybersecurity at NCU

Essay on PHD in Cybersecurity at NCU
1. Essay should tell us how a degree from NCU will help you explore new ventures in your career field.
2. Essay should not be more that 500-700 words and maximum two pages.

Doctorates at NCU – A way to explore new ventures in my career field.
From my younger years, my interest in computer technologies would grow tremendously. My fascination with technological advancements made me realize that I had a conviction for a one-time venture into the virtual world as a career. I knew that one of my greatest achievements in life would be a Doctorate in Computer Technologies. Nonetheless, increased cyber terrorism and computer crime continues to threaten the use of digital technologies. As more users and companies conduct their business over the internet, the risk of cyber attacks accelerates. Technologies cannot succeed if they are not well-protected. I have worked in organizations and seen businesses that have put more effort into ensuring their systems are secure. It is the increased concern on this challenge that I would be motivated to concentrate on a cybersecurity career.
A cybersecurity career will be spearheaded by gaining the prerequisite knowledge and skills in Information Technology and how parties can effectively protect their systems. Completion of my Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems equipped me with the right knowledge and skills concerning background in computers, and the current security measures. Furthermore, my internship and working experiences exposed me to various situations that demonstrated the importance of cybersecurity measures and the impact of not having effective ones. Notably, no cybersecurity measure completely protects one from cyberattacks. It is this gap that I want to delve in to equip myself with knowledge and skills that would aid me in finding the right measures applicable in different settings, whether individual or in organizations. A Doctorate program is a higher level of education that I believe will provide a better educational background in cybersecurity. That makes me an asset in any environment that I need to incorporate the respective skills.
Taking this Doctorate program in cybersecurity at NCU will be an important step considering the credibility of this institution on the said matter. The modular structure of the program at the University is appealing, considering the diverse modules that bring together cybersecurity and computer technologies advancement. I believe that the University will give me a unique insight into the cybersecurity field that I believe I will not get in another university program. I will be in a position to look into the various security challenges, making better decisions and the right effective solutions. Cybersecurity requires a mind that can think logically, critically, and analytically. This program will develop these thinking skills, considering the vast type of knowledge I will gain. NCU will be a great opportunity to enforce the knowledge and skills I have and bring in other skills that will aid me in playing a significant function in the field
My ambition is to get a PHD in Cyber Security from Northcentral University College as it will be a major career milestone. The program will boost my insistence on playing a significant role in making the technological world more secure. The interpersonal skills that are also encompassed in the program are also significant for my life in all other aspects. Therefore, I plan to delve completely into the field and enact the change that I want to see.
Reason for NCU
A critical look into the NCU website and understanding the modules of the Doctorate Program demonstrated at these are the knowledge and skills that are relevant for the current in the digital environment. I also had researched enough and understood the present and future computing environment. The information I will gain from the course will make me properly fit to handle the field competently. Furthermore, besides just solving the cybersecurity challenge, I also get the opportunity to share knowledge and gain further.

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