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Posted: December 6th, 2022

Soundtrack to History Assignment

Soundtrack to History Assignment Overview
Assignment Introduction:
This assignment will ask students to create a musical soundtrack to the history textbook from which they are learning and reading. While the song choices are important, the song itself is not as important as your ability to define key topics and themes, explain historical events in detail, and demonstrate an understanding of historical cause and effect. In other words, Dr.G. wants to see if you can use the course materials and what you’ve learned and relate it to music. You don’t need to be a music buff as the song is not what is important. This assignment is designed to be fun, while also helping you study for the final exam.
Your job is to pick one song per textbook chapter covered (1-11). You need to explain your song choice and how it connects to the material in the course, justifying why it is an acceptable selection.

While you might love your songs, not everyone will, and that’s ok. I do ask that all students use songs that have been censored (no swearing or objectionable language). The cleaner version of songs – the bleeped-out version. I’ll put it two ways. It should be the version that can be played on the radio. And if your grandparent was listening to the radio, they wouldn’t be upset. This is to satisfy and conform to the Student Code of Conduct.  While you may enjoy your songs, not everyone will, and that’s perfectly fine. I do request that all students use censored songs (no swearing or objectionable language). The bleeped-out version of songs is the cleaner version. I’ll explain in two ways. The version that can be heard on the radio should be used. And your grandmother would not be upset if she was listening to the radio. This is done to comply with and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

Your Task:
1. Go back and skim the designated textbook chapters, read the primary sources (if you have yet to do so), and watch the videos (or any videos from the Modules). These are the sources you MUST use for your paper. Outside sources are accepted but must be approved by Dr.G. in advance. Failure to do so will result in a 0.
2. For each chapter covered, students will choose one song, from any time period and any musical genre they so desire, that they can argue resembles what they learned in that chapter. All songs must have a link to YouTube to listen to the song. If possible, songs can be embedded into the paper itself for even easier listening.
3. Describe the chapter in detail, especially defining its major themes, ideas, persons, and/or events. (1-2) paragraphs.
4. Students will then describe the song they chose to represent that chapter and give reasons why it is a good choice by using evidence from the course sources (textbook, PowerPoint, Videos, Primary Sources).
5. In order to justify why that particular song is a good song, students will provide evidence from the three (3) source types listed above: the textbook chapter, the primary sources, AND the lecture (or other videos). All three. Each song choice/chapter needs at least 3 examples (1 from all 3 source types). This is mandatory.
6. All quotes must be explained. If you use a quote from one of the source types, you need to explain in your own words why this is a good quote and how it justifies your argument of song choice. Do not leave hanging quotes.
7. All papers must cite all sources using some form of citation (APA, MLA, or Chicago).
Technical Requirements:
• Times New Roman Font, 12″ text, 1″ margins
• Each Chapter Tune will be approximately 1 page in length.
• Proof-read for clarity, spelling, and grammar (I suggest downloading a free copy of Grammarly (Links to an external site.))
• Must be a .docx or .pdf file format for easier Canvas uploading and viewing on devices

Each assignment will consist of the following:
• one song for each chapter covered that describes and defines major concepts, ideas, peoples, and/or events
• a link to the song from youtube.com or another acceptable website
• an explanation as to how the song relates to the course material. For example, the lyrics or the music video, or the topic of the song.
• An explanation of the topic and why you chose that song specifically using examples from the 3 required sources
• Examples for each song from the textbook, lectures/videos, AND a primary source
all assignments must have the following:
• a link to the song online, preferably youtube.com
• Zero plagiarism or any copy-pasting from the Internet in any fashion – All plagiarism receives 0
• must use the textbook, lecture videos/documentaries/crash course videos, AND a primary source. all three or it’s zero.

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