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Posted: February 2nd, 2022


This form must be attached to the front of all submitted hard copy assessments.
Student Details: Student to complete
Student Name: Insert your name here
Student ID : Insert you Student ID here
Student Declaration:
By signing below, I declare that the work submitted here is my own work and it does not include work which is plagiarised, copied in whole or in part from another student or other source such as published books, internet or journals without due acknowledgement in the text.
Student Signature:
Insert your Signature here Date:
Insert the date you submitted this assessment
Assessment Details: Teacher to complete
Course National ID and Title 22334VIC – Certificate IV in Cyber secruity
Unit/s National ID and Title VU21990 – Recognise The Need For Cyber Security In An Organisation
Assessment Task# & name Assessment Task 2: Practical Labs
Date due: Session 4 Date submitted:
Assessor Name: TBC
Assessment Result and Feedback
Result ? Satisfactory
? Not yet Satisfactory Re-submit date if required:
Assessor’s signature: Date:
Assessment Review
If you believe that you have been assessed unfairly, you have the right to request an informal assessment review. When your assessment cover sheet is returned to you, you can request an informal review by filling in the section below and returning it to your assessor or the Operations Manager of your area. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can apply for a formal review of assessment on the application form located on the Box Hill Institute Website https://goo.gl/Pb3Rtx
VCE courses: VCAA rules and regulations replace the above assessment review. Please see your VCE Teacher or VCE Coordinator for further discussion.
I request an review of my assessment for the following reasons:

Student Signature Date

Instructions to Student
Assessment task name Assessment Task 2: Practical Labs
Assessment task type Structured Activity (Written Report)
Time allowed 8 weeks ( Week 1 – Week 8 in class and at home if not completed in class)
Where the assessment will take place In Timetables Classroom during class
Personal protective equipment required NA
Emergency procedures Report Issues to Teacher or coordinators as appropriate
Equipment provided PC on campus during class time
Individual or group work Individual
Support equipment allowed i.e.: calculator, dictionary All tools as appropriate for the assessment
Context and conditions of assessment Evidence should show competency working in a realistic environment and a variety of conditions. The candidate will have access to all tools, equipment, materials and documentation required. The candidate will be permitted to refer to any relevant workplace procedures, product and manufacturing specifications, codes, standards, manuals and reference materials.
This unit may be assessed on the job, off the job or a combination of both. Where assessment occurs off the job, then an appropriate simulation must be used where the range of conditions reflects realistic workplace situations. The competencies covered by this unit would be demonstrated by an individual working alone or as part of a team. The assessment environment should not disadvantage the candidate.
What to submit Completed the report, instructions outlined below or from Assessment Task 2: Practical Labs page on StudentWeb
How to submit Submit the completed repor to the Assessment Task 2: Practical Labs on StudentWeb
How to present your work A word document or PDF
How many attempts at assessment are permitted 2 attempts
(Additional attempts will need to be organized between you and the teacher)
Naming protocol for electronic files ID_AT2_PL.doc
E.g.: S20018365_AT2_ PL.doc
How will the assessment judgement be made ? Observation checklist
? Exemplar
?Performance checklist ? Rubric
? Answer guide ? –
If at any time during the learning and assessment process, your Trainer/Assessor considers that the safety of any person is at risk they will abort the session.
Reasonable Adjustment
Students identifying as having a disability may access reasonable adjustment to enable them to participate in training and assessment on the same basis as other students. Students can learn more about this through the Learners with a disability policy and procedure on the Box Hill Institute website https://www.essaybishop.com/write-my-essay/boxhill.edu.au/for-students/student-support or by calling Student Life on 9286 9891, by emailing the Disability liaison service on dls@boxhill.edu.au or by calling into the Student Life office at Elgar Campus in E3.G56, just near the cafeteria.
Special Consideration
Where a student anticipates that a result will be impacted by special circumstances such as ill health or bereavement, application can be made for special consideration. Forms can be accessed from the Student Life office at Elgar Campus in E3.G56 or downloaded at: https://www.essaybishop.com/write-my-essay/boxhill.edu.au/for-students/student-information/forms-and-downloads.
VCE courses: Supplementary exam procedures apply. Please see your VCE Teacher or VCE Coordinator for further discussion.
Please read all assessment instructions to ensure you are clear and fully understand the requirements as outlined in each assessment task.
To successfully complete this assessment task you must meet requirements for all criteria as listed below. Where you are unsuccessful or you are required to provide further evidence your teacher will provide feedback and request further evidence as needed.
It is important that you clearly understand all the requirements of this assessment task. If you have difficulty with the assessment terms or the steps to follow please speak to your teacher as soon as possible. Your teacher is your first point of contact when you need clarification and they will provide additional information as required to help you.
Instructions to student:
For this assessment task you are required to show that you know techniques on how to improve your security position for your personal information, data, and devices. There is a short answer section to complete after the two exercises below.
The exercise is split into two parts, firstly to show that you can encrypt data using common Windows features, secondly to show that you can setup a multi-factor authentication system to better protect your accounts from un-authorised access.
PART ONE: Using BitLocker on Windows 10 to encrypt a USB Drive
Q1. Provide screenshots showing before and after evidence of your drive undergoing the BitLocker process. The first screenshot will show the USB drive displayed in Windows Explorer without encryption, and the final screenshot will show the USB drive displayed in Windows Explorer with encryption enabled (indicated with a “lock” icon).
Q2. Encryption can help protect your data from unauthorized access. Please detail a real world scenario where this could be useful below.

PART TWO: Configure multi-factor authentication
Q1. Provide screenshots showing your Google account initially showing “2-Step Verification” off, then a second screenshot proving that you have enabled and turned on 2-Step Verification.
Q2. Multi-factor authentication can help you prevent unauthorized access to your accounts. Detail a real world scenario where multi-factor authentication can help prevent hackers accessing personal accounts. Research on this topic will provide some interesting examples.
Q3. Service providers will commonly provide codes via SMS or voice as a form of multi-factor authentication. Google Authenticate is arguably a more secure mechanism than sms/voice – please explain why this is the case (in other words, what is the vulnerability of SMS authentication?)
Q1. In your own words, describe some (at least 3) basic techniques users can implement to protect their personal devices and data.
Q2. On an enterprise level, it is standard practice to follow an enterprise security framework to inform and define conceptual, physical and procedural models. Perform brief research into the ISO27001 which is the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). Explain below the reasons an enterprise may wish to achieve certification against an enterprise security framework.
Q3. An essential part of any organisations operations is their security policy. Perform research into security policies and make a list below of the key areas that the policy addresses.

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